Six Pk Bottle Carrier

Quick Overview:

6 Pack Bottle Carrier comes with three different spaces featured within two different capacities. That means the box can hold six beverage bottles without getting squashed as the portions are well separated with a thick cardboard layer. The top handle helps the user to take away these boxes with convenience. Depending upon the type of beverage, a wide range of colors and design options are available at our company. The material used for these bottle carriers is of high-quality and water-proof

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The 6Pk bottle carrier features 6 separate portions that are equally divided to hold 6 bottles at a time. The top handle of the carrier helps to carry these boxes with ease. It can hold a significant weight as we ensure the quality of the boxes. You can trust these boxes as the high-end structure of these boxes will make them last for years.

Customized Bottle Carriers

Our 6Pk Bottle Carriers are available in endless design and customization options that will make your customers wooed. You can create an ever-lasting impression on your customers by introducing your products in our unique and fully customized Bottle Carriers embellished according to the latest market trends. You can also get these boxes customized with your company details. That’s the perfect way to attract new customers towards your brand.

Advertise through customized bottle carriers

The more your boxes are embellished the greater will be the impact on your customers. 6Pk Bottle Carriers, if featured with premium designs and indelible prints, can enhance your brand’s identity. You can easily market your products by introducing such high-end boxes for your products. Unique Custom Boxes provide next-level marketing and branding opportunities through distinguished and high-quality 6Pk Bottle Carriers.

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