Full Flat Double Tray

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This Full Flat Double Tray box is ideal to display retail items on storefronts and countertops. The double side walls of the tray make them an ideal secure packaging for products such as bakery items, cosmetics, and garments. They can be used conveniently for a variety of products getting them more market recognition.

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No matter how pretty your products are if their packaging is not up to the mark, then you can hardly attract any customers. No doubt that these boxes are made from a robust packaging but the products enclosed within them are provided extra protection through the double layer. The locking tabs on each side of the double walls re-enforces the boxes.

The design and the extra security features of these boxes make them capable of holding heavier products efficiently. They don’t get disengage and decamped due to pressure. The glued formula of both walls keeps the panels intact. Hence, Full Flat Double Tray Boxes are ideal for fragile and delicate objects. Not only these boxes will protect your products but they also speak for your brand. Boxes from Unique Custom Boxes can be customized according to numerous clients’ requirements.

Customized Full Flat Tray at Unique Custom Boxes

In addition to the most robust packaging for your products, Unique Custom Boxes can get you highly personalized Full Flat Double Tray Boxes. You can easily reflect your brand through the customized boxes. The depiction of attractive colors, your company logo, and tagline can make your products stand out in the market. Our designers will make sure that you get the most accurate design just as you have desired. So, if you are looking for the sturdiest and elegant packaging for your products, you are in the right place.

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