Reverse Tuck End

Quick Overview:

The Reverse Tuck End Boxes are used to store heavier objects efficiently. They have a self-lock mechanism that makes them an ideal packaging solution for any small to medium-sized products that are heavier. The weight of the products is not a problem at all for these boxes. Our Reverse Tuck End boxes are made from high-quality material which will protect the items inside from slipping out. In addition, Unique Custom Boxes offer endless customization options through which you can personalize the boxes according to your own will.

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Our Reverse Tuck End Boxes are perfect for the shipping of a slight heavier products. They have a very unique and discreet style which makes it possible for the vendors to ideally store their products in a protective way. The self-lock mechanism of these boxes provides a strong closure to these boxes.


Safe and Secure Layout


The biggest advantage of utilizing Reverse Tuck End Boxes is that they have a strong and sturdy layout. The end panels present the top side of the boxes while the bottom swipe is presented in the reverse direction. That is why they are known as Reverse Tuck End Boxes. The top folding is located on the bottom while the bottom fold is present on the front side. This layout of the box and tuck closure make these boxes stand out when it comes to presentation.


Custom Reverse Tuck End Boxes


There are people who tend to judge the quality of a product based on its appearance. That is why we offer endless designing options for Reverse Tuck End Boxes. Regardless of what shape, size, design you want to have for your boxes, our designers will make sure that you get the best ideal packaging for your products without any hassle.

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