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The packing of bottles requires additional care especially if the bottles are made of glass. The liquid in the bottles can cause leakage if appropriate packing isn’t selected for it. We, at UCB, make top-quality bottle inserts that prove highly useful for all types of bottles

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Most of the vodka, oil, and vinegar making companies rely on services because we customize what you require. We craft the boxes with the finest quality cardboard and we seamlessly add inserts in those boxes for the accurate placement of bottles. Our boxes prove highly useful for all types of bottles and the companies can freely do the shipment without the fear of breakage or leakage. However, if you need additional safety features, we can make the boxes accordingly. The wonderfully crafted bottle inserts do not let the bottles misplaced from the original position and the reasonable use can be obtained. Customers also feel good when they buy bottles in quality packaging. So, it doesn’t matter whether you sell small or large bottles, our flawlessly crafted boxes are definitely perfect for packaging and stress-free shipment. So, get in touch and talk to our representative for the detailed quotation as we assure excellence at all levels.

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